John Knuth - Faded Siren (2013)

faded siren exposes billowing clouds of orange smoke from emergency flares photographed with flash that cause fractal patterns in the black night sky.



Ramona Zordini

Part of the  CHANGING TIME textile 2012-13”  Series

"Changing Time" insert 3D

Relief on Textile, Installations with Variable Measures


We at Vans OTW appreciate design, and when we see good design in all forms, we show love.  Simply said this chair is Dope!  Inspired by the 1953 French fantasy film Le Ballon Rouge, Japanese furniture design firm h220430 created a chair that appears to levitate.  The chair is actually fixed to the wall and the balloons themselves are made from fibre-reinforced plastic and cord, meaning they can’t deflate.  The Balloon Chair will be showing at Ventura Labrate from April 8th to the 12th, during Milan’s design week.